Mobile Applications

Dance Tutor - Salsa

Dance Tutor - Salsa offers video clips of all the basic steps of Salsa with authentic steps being performed by experts, true to the traditional dance form. The video content is optimized for in-depth and easy understanding and the dance steps are broken down for easy learning. In addition to videos, dynamic footstep images in top view are shown to make dancing even easier. In these animated images, the male and female perspectives of steps are explained visually. You can go through the steps manually or play them as a loop using the auto loop functionality.Dance Tutor - Salsa also contains interesting facts and trivia on the origins, etiquette and styles of salsa.

Dance Tutor - Salsa has successfully passed the rigorous testing standards set for obtaining the Symbian Signed certification.

Cool Factors

  • True Content
  • Optimized Multimedia Content
  • Structured approach
  • Dual View Format
  • Animated footstep map
  • Trivia

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Music Guess

Embedded within the Nokia 5300 Series Phones, Music Guess was developed to show case the multimedia capabilities of the phone.

Music Guess is an audiovisual game that allows users to play games using music on their phone. The game is split into two stages, with a different game play style for each stage. In the first stage - 'Quiz'- the user has to correctly identify the name of a music track from a set of names, while the track is playing. In the second stage -'Match'- the music tracks are split into clips and the user has to listen and match clips from the same tracks. The game tests the listening and memory skills of the user, with its time and score based game play, while the game play is easy to learn. It allows users to have fun playing games while listening to their favorite tracks. Music Guess also has a 'Hot seat' multiplayer version where up to four players can play on the same device.


  • Hot Seat Multiplayer mode, with buddy list
  • Playlist creation, splitting of tracks into audio clips and random arrangement of clips

Cool Factors

  • One click random playlist creation from Phone memory, MMC and My Music folder
  • Saving and retrieval of playlist, and continue game feature
  • Custom UI implementation - track playback with user controllable player
  • Support for digitally signed (DRM protected) sound files.
  • Nokia custom extension API's for DRM support
  • Multiple audio formats are supported viz:- MIDI, MP3, AAC,WMA
  • Three levels of game play with increasing difficulty
  • Score calculation on multiple parameters like speed, time and wrong selections
  • High score calculation and listing for each difficulty level
  • Sound files are provided with the game
  • Internationalized into 50 languages

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a feature-rich, powerful yet easy to use image editor that holds a host of professional features, lots of retouching and designing capabilities and hours of fun. With the Photo Editor you can easily edit, warp or add funny elements and text to photos of friends and family, taken with the Siemens built-in camera phones. This application was developed for Siemens to be embedded on their latest generation phones.

Cool Factors

  • A must-have for avid MMS users
  • Edit and enhance photos with features like clip, rotate and resize
  • Adjust picture colour-balance, brightness or contrast
  • Advanced image viewing technology
  • Compliment pictures with fun elements, icons, photo-frames
  • Apply effects like sepia, solarize, emboss and several others
  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive interface

Linux Dialler

Linux Dialler is an application done in Qtopia platform that is to provide the functions of the main phone menu. The key focus of the project was to create a phone menu application with a dynamically updateable UI. It also features deep integration into the phone contacts, and call management APIs.

  • Has a user friendly dial interface
  • Access to Search, Contact list, Add user and Call list, in the dialer screen itself
  • Custom developed GUI
  • Additional application is provided to change the dialer theme
  • Provision to change look & feel by modifying the xml file
  • Provision to add more menu options by editing the xml file

Support for

  • Receiving & rejecting of calls
  • Enabling and disabling of speaker phone
  • Speed dial
  • Touch-screen dial
  • Display of call details
  • Conference call
  • Adjusting speaker volume and muting
  • Scheduling a call by setting an alarm


An audiovisual puzzle where a music piece is split into clips, and the user is challenged to rearrange to form the original track. The clips are represented visually, each individual clip can be played back.

Cool Factors

  • Innovative UI
  • Retro styling
  • Music bundled with the game
  • File system access
  • Engaging game play
  • Comprehensive score calculation
  • Multiple difficulty levels

Mobile Money Minder

Mobile Money Minder is an effective and convenient application for tracking and recording the inflow and out flow of your money. Income and expenses can be tracked from various sources and across any span of time - the amount of detailing is entirely up to you. This kind of detailing allows you to understand your current financial situation as well as give you a picture of what your future condition could be and allow you to plan for all eventualities.

Cool Factors

  • Keeping track of expenses of any preferred categories.
  • Detailed categorising and subcategorising of expenses and income sources for complete accuracy.
  • Instantaneous calculations and updates.
  • Generates fully configurable reports in both tabular and graphical formats.
  • Calculates Savings and Liquidity.
  • Enables quick entry of expense information in terms of transaction date, expense category and amount spent into portable devices irrespective of location or time


Bike-o-Meter helps to monitor your ride ,record data like speed profiles,altitude and distance and store visual data on the ride taken.

Cool Factors

  • Monitor your ride in the application cockpit, viewing your speed & height profiles and other trip statistics
  • Follow navigational information from pre-defined tours, making your way from one waypoint to the next
  • View images and descriptions on direction, surface type and gradient, listen to speech memos and view your progress to the next waypoint
  • Log complete details of your rides and view log reports on your PC
  • Define tours whilst riding, setting waypoints, taking pictures and recording speech memos as you ride along while recording your experiences for other cyclists
  • Configure different alerts to notify you of upcoming waypoints
  • Upload tours you create to a central tour service. Download tours that you can follow on a ride
  • Send details of your ride to friends using SMS, MMS and IrDa Configure the application for different bikes
  • Browse and edit ride and tour data on your phone
  • Enjoy a great cycling experience

Survival Dictionary

Survival Dictionary keeps a comprehensive database of phrases and questions to meet every possible need that may arise for the traveler. The user can set the original language and have the selected phrase or question translated into one of the other languages.

Cocktail Manager

Cocktail Manager acts as your personal guide and record keeper in the sophisticated world of cocktails. Create your recipes and try out famous ones. Rank the cocktails you have tried. Recipes include detailed instructions on cocktail preparation with the help of images.

Cool Factors

  • 100's of recipes at your fingertips
  • Rank cocktails according to your own personal tastes
  • Mark sampled cocktails
  • Application comes with 20 cocktails recipes
  • Access unlimited number of cocktails from the server
  • Advanced search for cocktails, according to ingredients, name, rank, etc.


MobileZip is a utility application for the compression and extraction of files and folders. An archive composed of all files and folders required by the user can be created and then compressed. Similarly, a compressed archive can be extracted to view the files and folders within it. It conserves space on your phone and provides smaller sized files to send and receive via MMS.

Cool Factors

  • User-compiled archives consisting of required files and folders
  • Stores compressed files
  • Saves valuable space on your mobile phone
  • Send smaller sized files and folders via MMS
  • Calculates Savings and Liquidity
  • Extracts compressed archives
  • Transfer and extract zipped files onto your phone faster
  • User-defined directory placement of compressed archives

Emergency Phone Book

Emergency Phone Book is a compact but utilitarian application providing the user with country codes and the numbers of critical services like medical, fire and police. The user can initiate a call to these numbers use the list like a directory for references or send the information via SMS. Other numbers may be added to a country's existing list according to the user's requirements.

QuickSilver Messenger

The QuickSilver Messenger is the easiest way to take advantage of the power of instant messaging and communicate with your friends, family and colleagues while you are on the move. It is based on the Jabber Instant Messaging Protocol and Internet Presence Managing open source platform and is capable of interfacing with all popular instant messaging services like Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL, etc. You will no longer have to use multiple programs to talk to your friends on different services. Use QuickSilver Messenger as the one stop to keep in touch with all your friends and colleagues.

Cool Factors

  • Keep in touch with friends on all popular instant messaging services like Yahoo!, MSN,AOL, ICQ etc
  • Maintains User Preferences - Edit and save your preferences to avoid having to enter them each time.
  • Selecting the menu option using the right soft key brings up the Startup Menu. You can login to the Jabber service by using the left soft key.
  • Buddy List Management - Add and remove contacts from your buddy list. Get to know when other users add/remove you from their buddy list.


Team Work can be used to collaborate on any team effort, whether that of a group of students managing a school event, a family trying to get their chores done or just a team in the work place. It helps you to share and organize your work leading to a more convenient lifestyle.