NeedStreet and ContinuousCare

DeviceDriven engineered and incubated a product company called NeedStreet. The company offers a dual-sided platform for healthcare providers and their patients, known as ContinuousCare.

Aimed to promote collaborative care, ContinuousCare is a comprehensive and secure platform for patient engagement with the inclusion of electronic Patient Health Records (PHR) that stores health data from various health sensors, wearable devices, medical tests and consultations to aid in better communication between doctors and patient users.

Virtual Practice for Doctors
ContinuousCare for Patients

The ContinuousCare platform runs under the NeedStreet brand.

flauntR Imaging Platform

flauntR was the first of its kind online image editing tool, bringing advanced and fun imaging effects to it's users.

Integrated with photo finishing services in Europe and US, flauntR had over a million users editing their photos and printing them in beautiful photobooks, decals, prints and a wide range of photo products.

Mobile Apps and Games

From multi-player mobile games working over Bluetooth and IMS SIP, advanced imaging apps to innovative lifestyle apps, we've done them all.

Creative thinking, great graphics design and sound tracks, complex algorithms all packaged in beautifully engineered apps that made millions of users happy.