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DeviceDriven technology expertise covers a range of best-of-breed technologies. We have used these proven technologies to deliver scalable, high-performance solutions that meet our customer’s requirements.
We are primarily a Java shop and have been developing solutions for almost a couple of decades. The Java platform provides a tried and tested technology stack and eco-system for mobile, desktop and web solutions. In our experience, the easily availability of experienced Java developers is also a key factor that helps reduce costs of development and maintenance for customers.
Python and Javascript/Node.Js are other languages that we have developed for.
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Java Spring
Overtime, Spring has emerged as the de-facto platform for Java. It offers a complete technology stack for most requirements and plays well with most popular solutions in the Java eco-system. Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Data are some of the common elements that we commonly use across most of our projects.  
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Javascript Frameworks: Angular JS, jQuery
Most of our web application and hybrid mobile applications make use of Angular JS again chosen for its reliability and popular eco-system. Jquery is another library that we have worked extensively with. React.js is another library that we are working with.
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Mobile Technologies: Native iOS/Android and Ionic/Cordova
Most of our mobile application development is either based on native iOS, Android platforms. For hybrid solutions, we generally recommend Ionic. Cordova/Phonegap is another solution that we have worked extensively with.
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Search Technologies: ElasticSearch
ElasticSearch is our general go-to choice for most search related solutions. ElasticSearch is a highly matured solution that can be easily scaled out and we have developed and maintained high performance solutions that operated on over 20 million+ records. ElasticSearch has also been used as a Time-Series database for a real-time analytics product and the ElasticSearch-Logstash-Kibana solution is our de-facto choice for log analysis
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Most of the applications we develop have used either MySQL/Postgres and we also have extensive expertise with Amazon RDS. NoSQL expertise includes Redis, which is usually a part of most application stacks and we also have experience working with Cassandra, MongoDB on different projects. Neo4J is a graph database that we have used successfully on a number of projects.
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API Integrations
API Integrations are now a common part of most applications and we have worked with a range of popular and not-so-popular APIs. Some of the better known ones include SMS/MMS/Voice Callback APIs (Twillio, ValueFirst, Nexmo), Social/Maps/Listings/Deals/Events (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Yelp, Groupon, Living Social, Eventful, FindGravy, Flickr, Bitly), Storage (Dropbox), WebRTC (OpenTok), Push Notifications (Amazon SNS),  Email (Mandrill, ConstantContact), CRM (Zoho, Freshdesk), Payment (PayPal, EBS, RazorPay, BrainTree), QuickBooks, Health APIs like Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and various sensor device APIs like heart-meters, pulse oxymeters, blood sugar trackers etc.
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AMQP/RabbitMQ is the usual choice for messaging requirements. We have also used ActiveMQ, Redis, SQS and Kafka based on the requirements.
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Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services
We have been working with AWS since late 2006 and have used it on almost all of our projects since then. Starting with EC2 and S3 in 2006, our expertise has since extended to other AWS offerings including ELB, SQS, SNS and DynamoDB. We have also worked with the Azure platform on some projects.
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