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Health Based Social Network
Client Overview
The Health Network is part of the Continuous Care Digital Health platform - a SAAS based product offering from the DeviceDriven team
Business Requirements
The objective was to develop a content based system that would help boost the daily usage of its patient and health provider mobile applications. .
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The Solution in Brief
After analyzing the business requirements, it was decided that a health based social network that could be integrated into the existing mobile applications. Compared to a traditional blog/post based model, a social network would help take advantage of the existing patient data and patient-patient, patient-provider and provider-provider interactions to drive daily engagement..
  • Technology Stack and Architecture: The Health Social Network was implemented as a Spring REST API which employed Neo4J - a Graph Database to capture and drive the content and social interactions. User timelines and activity timelines were implemented implemented using Redis to ensure high performance. The application intelligently populated the user timelines with content based on a rich data set including events like shares, likes, recommendations, endorsements, comments, patient medical history, patient-provider connections, provider-provider connections and a large number of other factors and signals. The application was integrated with a Push Notification API and Email API to notify users about interactions and updates to their timelines.
  • Administrator Console: An administrator console was also developed for the Health Social Network and provided administrators with a real-time anonymized view of content streams. It also allowed administrators to push editorial level content into the network and was integrated with external API’s like Twitter and RSS feeds. Content was automatically tagged using NLP APIs. The admin console also provided detailed reporting on various aspects of the network. The Administrator console was developed as a HTML5, Angular, Bootstrap application that interfaced with the REST APIs provided by the server module.
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The Health Social Network was a great success and helped deliver consistently higher usage and engagement metrics across the patient and provider mobile applications.
Tags: Spring, Spring Data, Hibernate, Redis, Neo4J, RabbitMQ, HTML5, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS