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Home Builder and Remodeler SAAS Platform
Client Overview   
The customer is looking to create an industry-leading SAAS solution for Home Builders and Remodelers   

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Business Requirements 
The key business requirements put forward by the customer included:
  • Support for all the players in the eco-system including Builders, Employees, Sub-Contractors and Customers 
  • Development of a platform that can be scaled out to accommodate a range of features that will be incorporated in future versions of the platform 
  • Support for Digital Signatures/E-Signatures to facilitate timely decision making 
  • Detailed audit trails to capture all interactions by the different players involved in the construction process 
  • Integrations with various solutions that are used by players in the eco-system 
  • Highly performant to enable the application to be used in real-time from the field
The Solution in Brief
DeviceDriven developed a solution that would successfully met all the requirements. Some of the key highlights of the system.
  • Technology Stack: DeviceDriven chose a Java8/J2EE based stack which included Spring, Spring Data, Hibernate, Redis, Elastic Search and MySQL. The application front-end was implemented as a server rendered Bootstrap/Jquery solution. Spring Security was used to provide a flexible, configurable role-privilege based security system.
  • Support for different eco-system players: The application provided different portals and views for each of the customer types, providing a rich list of features including collaborative project and task management, project bidding, invoicing, real-time notifications, scheduling, calendaring, audit trails and integrations with external services like QuickBook and DropBox.

  • Cloud Based: The solution was deployed to AWS EC2 instances and made extensive use of other AWS services like S3 and DynamoDB. 
  • Implementation of E-Signatures: An E-Signature/Digital Signature solution was implemented for the product and allowed the various users in the system to digitally sign documents from the desktop and mobile. This helps streamline decision making and is critical to avoiding delays in approvals and decision making.
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Tags: Java8, J2EE, Spring, Spring Data, Hibernate, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, HTML5, Jquery, Bootstrap, CSS, AWS, S3, DynamoDB.