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With over 18 years experience in conceptualizing, creating and sustaining world class products in the web and mobile space, DeviceDriven is well able to deliver reliably to an evolving product roadmap. We always aim to stay on top of upcoming technologies and to innovate to provide our customers with the most relevant tools. Our customer can reliably leverage our expertise in building more efficient products on the most relevant technology.
Web Applications
Web Application development is one of our core strengths and we have the experience of working across a wide range of domains. We have developed both B2C and B2B applications of varying levels of complexity that include real-time analytics solutions that incorporate machine learning algorithms, large-scale e-commerce solutions, healthcare platforms, content platforms and market-place solutions. Most of the solutions we work on are J2EE and Cloud based and we have extensive expertise on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Besides architecting and developing innovative, high performance and scalable applications, we also have the experience of developing applications internationalized for multiple languages and geographies. Our engineering team works in close collaboration with a range of functions including UX, Marketing and Product Management to deliver all round value.
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Mobile Applications                  
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Given the rapid shift towards mobile, most products we work on are either mobile-first solutions or involve a core mobile-component. DeviceDriven has been operating in the mobile space since early 2000's and we have developed solutions across a range of platforms and form-factors. 
API Development and Integrations
Most applications we work on involve either API development or feature extensive integrations with third party API's. We have the experience of developing a range of secure, API's across a range of products and have also integrated with dozens of third party APIs for SMS/MMS/Voice Callbacks (Twillio, ValueFirst, Nexmo), Social/Maps/Listings/Deals/Events (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Yelp, Groupon, Living Social, Eventful, FindGravy, Flickr, Bitly), Storage (Dropbox), WebRTC (OpenTok), Push Notifications (Amazon SNS), Email (Mandrill, ConstantContact), CRM (Zoho, Freshdesk), Payment (PayPal, EBS, RazorPay, BrainTree), QuickBooks, Health APIs like Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and various sensor device APIs like heart-meters, pulse oxymeters, blood sugar trackers etc.
We also have extensive integration experience on many of the AWS APIs and solutions including S3, SQS, SNS and DynamoDB.
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Cloud/Infrastructure Support           
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System and Cloud Infrastructure support is another of the services that is core to product engineering. For many of the startups that we work with, we have also provided infrastructure and monitoring support predominantly on the AWS platform and the Azure platform for some projects. Our support team has the experience of setting up and operating large cloud clusters across a range of technology stacks.
Agile Processes
We follow the Scrum methodology in development. Development teams work with the Product Manager in planning sprints. We generally do live production releases every two weeks at the end of a sprint, though release frequency and length of sprints can vary depending on customer requirements. If working with a customer team that is following another process, we adapt to working accordingly. We mostly use JIRA and Slack for work management and collaboration but are also familiar with other tools as needed by customer teams.
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Industries and Domains                                
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DeviceDriven has developed and delivered solutions that have been used by millions of users around the world across multiple geographies and languages
  • Healthcare
  • Data Storage
  • Construction
  • E-Commerce
  • Search and Discovery
  • Communication
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Business Management Solutions